Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A visit from Heath and a Haircut!

Heath and Kat came to visit!! Heath is one of my best buddies! I miss my buddies at Children's everyday. So, when he comes to visit I have a little piece of Children's right at home!! He works in Montgomery and visits every now and then. It's always so good to see him. He and his girlfriend, Katherine, came to visit this past weekend.
Oh yeah, it's a beginning to a new year, and like always I get tired of long hair and go with the short cut. It feels so much better. Yes Mom and Dad, the hair is short again. ooooops! Love ya'll!


Zach turned 30, January 4th. I had a little party for him. I actually got people to the house, decorated, and made the food without any help. Aren't you proud of me mom? I didn't think the day would ever come, ha! Leslie and Chris are the couple in one of the pictures above. We have become really close to them. I work with Leslie in the Recovery Room. She is such a special friend and co-worker. God has truly blessed me with her friendship!! You never know what kind of blessings God has waiting on you. I finally decided to pick up and move from B'ham after 25 years. It was scary at first, but after settling down, being still and letting God do his great work, I opened my eyes to see so many blessings. I would have never known any of this, if I would have settled.

More Christmas Pictures from the Iffland's and Tate's

Here are some more pictures from Christmas 2007. Zach was santa claus, and it was hilarious. His glasses kept on fogging up. We had Christmas in Guntersville and in Birmingham. We got some great gifts and made good memories!

A Day at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's

I drove home to surprise my grandparents for dinner. My family got together for the holidays, and I couldn't stand not being there. So, I got up one Sunday and drove to be with them. We had such a good time. I always enjoy my time with them! My cousin Brent and his wife, April, Christal, Jarrett, Jacey, my aunt and uncle, Dawn and Glenn, and my mom and dad were there. It was great seeing everyone.