Monday, February 28, 2011


Have you met Baby Tate? Her cousins Camryn and Jacey call her Baby Tate. I think she will always be known as Baby Tate even when she is 16! Tate is 8 months old now and growing too fast! I've def. been really bad about blogging lately b/c Tate is all about being in my lap and not letting her mommy blog. Some new things about Tate since I've blogged last. Tate is crawling around every where. She started at the end of 7 mos, but really got good at it when she turned 8 mos. She says, da da, ma ma, bye-bye while waving, points at objects, has two bottom teeth and another coming in at the top. She claps on command, and loves her favorite video/show, "Choo Choo Soul"! She eats 8 oz. of BM/formula 3-4 times a day, and solids three times a day. I'm making her food which is so much easier than I thought not to mention less expensive. She loves drinking juice out of a straw. Tate is 16 lbs and 10 ozs, pulls up on objects, and loves when I read her books. Nursery at church is finally something she enjoys. Already, she wants to do things on her own. She has to put her bottle in her mouth by herself, and picks up her own food all by herself. Tate is my best friend, smiles all the time, and is the sweetest babygirl I've ever met!