Sunday, August 10, 2008


Zach and I haven't been
together in the last 4
weekends, because of trips,
wedding parties, work etc.
So, we spent some time in
Auburn this weekend.
Friday, we had Leslie, a
friend from work, and Chris
over for a cook out.
Saturday, we went to the Lee
County Flea Market. Now, I
truly see how other's junk
can be another person's
treasure. I found so many
pieces of furniture that I
wanted to buy and refinish!
Maybe one day! =) Then, we
went to Zoo City in
Columbus, Georgia. We rode
go-carts, played skee-
ball, played putt-
putt golf, etc. I had to
quit riding go-carts half
way through because I almost
ran somebody off the track.
It's not easy holding your
skirt down with one hand,
driving with the other, and
having to switch hands
depending on what curve I
was on. Note to self: Don't
wear a skirt if you are
going to ride go-carts!!
ha! If you notice in one of
the pictures, Zach's head is
cut off... well, I would
have managed to pick the
only lady in the place that
did not speak English I just
stuck with that picture, b/c
I didn't want to hurt her
feelings by getting someone
else to do it. OH WELL...
Today, Sunday, we went to
Montgomery for a Southern
Bridal Registry function. I
got a call last Thurs.
saying I won two trips. One
trip is a honeymoon trip
that is all inclusive to the
Bahamas, Mexico, or the
Dominican Republic. Even
though we had to sit through
a hour and a half of this
guy trying to sale us
cookware, etc., we left with
two free wedding goblets and
2 free trips. fun, fun!!


Wedding Plans...

Mom and I have been busy with wedding plans. I have to say that my mom is been busier than me. She really is the best wedding planner a girl could have at this special time. We are getting married in B'ham at Homewood Church of Christ, where I grew up, on March 28, 2009. Some of the major parts of my wedding plans are done! I found my wedding dress at Bella Couture in Mt. Laurel. Mom and I weren't going to go b/c the dresses are so expensive, but we thought we would just take a look. We found this dress on the sample rack and it was a great bargain! We came back the next weekend and bought it. I love it, and I'm so excited about it!! We aren't so sure about the honeymoon destination yet. We are thinking either Montana or a more tropical destination! Thanks Mom for being such a big help!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008