Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm on call every 6th weekend, and it happened to fall on Easter. It worked out great, except for not being able to be with family, b/c I only got called in once. Zach and I got to go to church, eat and shop. It was such a pretty day. The picture is so blurry, b/c I timed it, and ran to get in the picture. Oh well, at least we have something. Hope ya'll had a great Easter!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bella's Bad Haircut Courtesy of her Mommy

Well, I guess saving money isn't always a good thing. I was bound and determined to cut Bella's hair on my own, without having to pay $25.00. I bought some clippers at Petco, and began cutting. To make a long story short, hair was everywhere outside, all over me, and now Bella looks like she has the mange. Looks like I'll be taking her to the groomer next time. OOOPS!

A Weekend of Fun in Auburn

Spring is almost here! I'm so excited. This past weekend Zach and I went to the Ronny Milsap concert in Montgomery. I forgot my memory card for my camera. GREAT! I think Zach and I were the youngest couple there, but it was so much fun. When he sang "Smoky Mtn. Rain" that was all I needed for the wkend, b/c it was da bomb, ha! We also went to Lee County Lake. I caught one fish and Zach caught about 4!! Looks like I need to step it up. That's about all I've been up to!! Hope everyone is doing great! Hope you all have a great Easter.