Wednesday, October 13, 2010


12 lbs. and 13 ozs.
75th percentile- height
25th-50th percentile- weight

Tate is 4 mos. old! Her 4 mo. doctor's appt. was today. She did great! The nurse gave her 2 shots, and one PO immunization. Bless her heart, her little legs hurt. I gave her some Tylenol afterwards, and she was as happy as can be. Tate is laughing out loud, smiling all the time, making all kinds of noises with her mouth what they call, "raspberries", turning over both ways, doing mini-push ups, trying to crawl, and growing like a weed. She fits in her little exercauser and loves it. She is still sleeping through the night. Tate eats 5 oz. of BM every 3 hours, and can now eat rice cereal and green beans!! I can't wait to see her eat green beans! She has such a sweet little personality. She is always smiling and she loves her mommy so much!