Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Toothbrush and Coxsackievirus

I brushed Tate's teeth for the first time today with her brand spanking new "My Little Pony" toothbrush. She loved it! So glad she feels a little better today. She has had a rough couple of days with high fever and just feeling yucky! Her daddy took her to the doctor yesterday and she was diagnosed with Coxsackievirus. No fun! I'll be glad when she can tell me what's wrong and what hurts! I hate for my baby too be sick and hurt. Here is a picture of Tate not feeling so well and some of her brushing her teeth.


Popsee said...

That word describing what Tate has sounds like something Popsee would be diagnosed with:):)

We love you all


Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is already trying to brush her little "toofies"!! I love my Baby Tate!!!!!
Time has flown. It is unbelievable that she will be one yr. old next Saturday, June 11th.
She is a living doll!
Love you, Mandy, and Baby Tate to the moon and back!
MOM (Mee Mee)