Saturday, February 21, 2009


My PACU/OR work friends gave me a wedding tea in Auburn. Zach and I got some really nice things. Thanks everyone! Leslie, thanks for opening your home to everyone! It was so much fun!

More wedding presents at home with family...

I opened my presents from Jarrett, Christal, mom and dad the night before my tea. Jarrett, Christal, Jacey, and Camryn got us our toasting flutes. Mom and Dad got us our luggage, some of our china, Anthropology dishes, etc, my wedding book and lots more. Thanks ya'll! We love everything.
Zach didn't get to come to Bham until Sunday. He got to come to my tea after it was over to help pack up. He wondered why any real guy needed to come in close distance to a tea. He learned real quick that women can't haul everything to the truck. Oh, what we both have to learn! =)


My tea was so much fun! I got some really great stuff. Zach and I really appreciate it so much. We can't wait to use everything. My best friend, Jill, took all of these pictures. She is the best matron of honor ever! Thanks Jill!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am going to update with some new pics. soon!!
First of all I had 2 awesome wedding showers, and am so thankful to everyone who helped. I had one in Bham, and another in Auburn with my wonderful co-workers!! I received some beautiful things, and am so thankful to have such awesome things to help Zach and I start out RIGHT!!
Zach and I have been praying for lots of things; the right jobs, place to move, and not just any place to work or move. I've been praying for a while, but know I'm on God's time not mine!! (which is very impatient time mind you)... We found out last Friday that Zach has a job with Merita. He will be a Quality Assurance Manager/Auditor. He will not be managing as many people, and has so many wonderful benefits with this job. The company is located in downtown Bham. I have been torn between different places to work. I have missed Children's so much. There really is no place like it! So with much wisdom from Jesus himself, I chose to come back to Children's Hospital!!! I have an interview the first of March for a position in the PACU. I want to work PRN in the ER also, so I can be with all of my buddies there again!! I just love PACU, and can't see myself doing anything else. Where to live? Mt. Olive is where we will settle down. My aunt called with some great ideas, so we will see. I'm very excited about this new chapter in our lives. Zach and I will be getting married March 28th also, so there will be LOTS going on. Please keep us in your prayers. We are so excited that we will be back closer to friends and family again!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!